Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Article X (From the MHCRFC constitution): Statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  1. The Mount Holyoke College Rugby Football Club has a zero tolerance policy for all types of discrimination. Our mission is to build a community that supports all individuals regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, age, national origin, religious/spiritual identities, and all other intersecting identities. We are committed to an environment free of discrimination in which all individuals are treated with a common standard of decency, respect, love, visibility and understanding. We will ensure representation of diverse groups in recruitment and at all levels of the organization. We will actively fight to make everyone on the team feel able to participate and contribute to the team athletically and socially. All diverse backgrounds, cultures and social identities will be accepted into our team dynamic as we work to create a broader sense of community. Simultaneously, we will be mindful of every individual’s unique history and experience. Our goal is not to erase differences and force members to conform to one identity. It is to embrace diversity.
  1. The Mount Holyoke College Rugby Football Club acknowledges the harm inflicted by our history of racial discrimination. Moving forward, we commit ourselves to a continuing effort to confront and resist discriminatory attitudes and actions wherever they appear in our community. All members of the team will be protected against all forms of discrimination through and the obligation to protect and promote human rights. We will utilize organizations such as MHC DEI offices, community advocacy services, and counseling services that can help facilitate prevention, interventions, and remedies for those who experience racism and discrimination. For members to be allowed on the team, they will be bound by an anti-racism contract and educated in order to prevent discriminatory acts. 
  1. We’ve established complaint mechanisms to deal with allegations of systemic and individual acts of racism and discrimination. To voice concerns or incidents of bias to the team board, DEI person, ombudsperson, as well as the Mount Holyoke administration, members are entitled to submit the ombudsperson form, DEI incident form, or DEI work feedback form. We will take immediate steps to direct team mates to the right resources needed to resolve any incident. The MHCRFC  board will respond to issues brought forward by members with concern, empathy and action towards resolution and healing. Each incident will result in a hearing facilitated by the board members and/or officials from the Office of Student Involvement. Before the hearing, the board will take steps to make involved members feel immediately safe. In addition, members have access to the DEI Coordinators and the Ombudsperson. The ombudsperson and the DEI Coordinators are both available for informal meetings for flexibility and accessibility. The board will also be completely transparent with their efforts to uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion on the team through board meeting notes being made available online and sent via email to all players. In addition, members are allowed to attend board meetings. As we take steps to eliminate identity barriers, we will also measure our progress with the DEI work feedback form for reflection and growth. 
  1. If any member of the team feels as though we are not upholding these values of diversity, equity and inclusion, they can bring their complaints to board through the ombudsperson form, DEI incident form, or DEI work feedback form. The board is obligated and required to do everything within their power to solve these issues as efficiently and quickly as possible. If the board fails to do so, please take any of the following steps: report it to the school through the bias incident report, contact the Associate Director for Student Involvement and Leadership, and/or contact the Office of Student Involvement at 413-538-2478 or involvement-consultants@mtholyoke.edu.
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