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2015-2016 Eligibility Regulations General Regulations And Event-Specific Regulations

International Gay & Lesbian Football Association IGLFA Transgender Policy

IAAF Regulations Governing Eligibility of Athletes Who Have Undergone Sex Reassignment to Compete in Women’s Competitions


Mount Holyoke College Rugby Player Contract 


Members of the MHC Rugby team are expected to attend five (5) practices a week. If three (3) or more practices are attended (at least two (2) being with the head coach), the player will be eligible to be on the week’s roster. If a player attends fewer than three (3) practices or fewer than two (2) practices with the head coach, they may still be called upon under the circumstance that there are not enough eligible players to field a full side.

Acceptable reasons to miss a practice include: class, work, professor meetings, medical appointments, and meetings of other clubs. A practice missed for one of these reasons can be made up for with a two-hour workout to maintain eligibility for that week.


The MHC Rugby team asks that players follow a 12-24 hour rule with regard to alcohol consumption. This means that a player is not to ingest alcohol within twelve (12) hours prior to a rugby practice or within twenty-four (24) hours prior to a rugby game.

Practice Attire

All players are expected to wear rugby shorts, spandex shorts, a sports bra, a sturdy shirt, and cleats to each on-field practice. Mouth guards must be worn at all times during.

In the case that any player does not own rugby shorts they may speak to the equipment manager and request to borrow a pair of shorts for the season.

Game Protocol

During the week before each game the Match and Field Secretary (MFS) will send out an email requesting availability for the week’s game. If a player wishes to play in the game they must respond by Wednesday at midnight. Players responding after that time will be considered for subs or for starting positions only if more players are needed to form a complete side.

On the day of an away game players are expected to show up at the time given by the MFS (this will be sent out no later than two (2) days before the game). If a player does not arrive within fifteen (15) minutes of the expected time, the team may leave without them.

On the day of a home game players are expected to arrive at the field no later than one-and-a-half (1.5) hours before kick-off time to set up the field and begin warm-ups. Any player who shows up less than one (1) hour before kick-off time may be removed from the roster. If, for any reason, a player knows ahead of time that they will be late they must email and text their conflict to the captains.


Mount Holyoke Rugby players are expected to exemplify excellent sportsmanship at all times. This includes being respectful to other players on the team, to board members and coaches, and, especially, to players, coaches, and fans of other teams.

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Purchase T-shirts

Mount Holyoke Women’s Rugby Football Club has designed t-shirts that can be purchased for only $10.  All proceeds of this fundraiser go towards improving Mount Holyoke Women’s Rugby program. 

Black “Wanna Ruck” T-shirts

Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL
Price: $10 each

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.08.18 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.08.12 AM

Other shirts available for purchase:

Blue “Turning Rookies Into Vets” T-shirts

Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Price: $10 each

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.14.12 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.12.56 AM

To make a purchase, please contact our Treasurer, Basil Bartlett ( If you need a shirt mailed to you, please add $4 for shipping.

Equipment Collection

Do you have a old pair of cleats or a new mouth guard you never got around to using sitting in the back of your closet? Just bought a new pair or knee socks that don’t fit? Don’t know what to do with them? Donate your used cleats to Mount Holyoke College Women’s Rugby Equipment Collection!

In our efforts to be inclusive of all students, regardless of their financial situation, theMount Holyoke  Rugby team is starting an equipment collection! We have made it our goal as a program to not let someone’s financial limitations prevent them from playing rugby; traditionally, that has meant working out alternative payment plans with players who are having trouble paying their dues. However, the need is still great. We want to ensure that no one misses out on being a part of the rugby family simply because they do not have the necessary equipment.

Rugby should be accessible to all players regardless of financial situations, however due to financial limitations players often cannot receive the equipment needed to participate.

You can help MHC Rugby by donating:

  • Your new or gently used cleats
  • A new or gently used pair of knee-high socks (white, light blue, or navy blue)
  • A new mouth guard
  • New or gently used rugby shorts
  • New or gently used rugby balls

Don’t have equipment collecting dust in your closet? Still want to donate? Donations of any shape or size are greatly appreciated and financial donations can make a huge difference for players.

  • $5 can buy one player a rugby shirt
  • $10 buys a brand new mouth guard
  • $20 pays for one player’s dues
  • $40-50 can buy a pair of new cleats
  • $50 can buy a new box of med tape

To donate equipment, or if you have any questions, email Hannah Summerfield-Gonchar at

To make a financial contribution online, use the directions found under the “Donations” menu or to mail a check to our treasurer,

Mail to:

Mikayla Henzel
50 College St MHC 4696
South Hadley, MA, 01075


Thanks again for all you do to support Mount Holyoke College Rugby. We couldn’t do it without you!  


As a club team, we often do not receive enough funds to completely cover the cost of our equipment, uniforms, or events in which we want to compete in. Any donations received go directly towards the costs of registration, new uniforms, equipment, transportation, or unexpected costs that come up during the semester. This year, we unfortunately were under budgeted by over $6000. With your help, we hope to buy the necessary equipment and gear in order for us to become a more competitive club. Donations of any size or shape are greatly appreciated. In addition to accepting monetary donations, we also accept equipment donations.
In our efforts to be inclusive of all students, regardless of their financial situation, we are also looking for equipment donations. It is our goal to not let someone’s financial situation prevent them from playing rugby.

  • $5 can buy one player a rugby shirt
  • $10 buys a brand new mouth guard
  • $65 pays for one player’s dues and fees
  • $40-50 can buy a pair of new cleats
  • $100 can get us transportation to an away game
  • $250 can fund a home game!
To make a tax-deductible donation to MHC Rugby, instructions on how to do so through the Office of Advancement can be found at this link . Specify that you would like your gift to support the “Rugby Club Fund.”


As for equipment, donations of cleats, blue knee-high socks, and mouth guards are some of the things we are in need of.

If you have any questions about donations, please email Mikayla Henzel at

Thank you for your donations and/or equipment of any shape or size!

The Team

Spring 2018

Active Members: 

Emma Beck ‘18

Nyk Lifson ‘18

Erin Murdock  ‘18

Jody Phelps ‘18

Julia Seiple ‘18

Basil Bartlett ‘19

Lilliana Beckman ’19

Kerstin Lindgren ‘19

Clark Gray ‘19

Margarita Tenisi ’19

Catherine Tremblay ‘19

Liz Tucksmith ‘19

Jami Tuttle ’19

Madison Woodley ‘19

Taylor Chou ’20

Audrey Finlay ’20

Mikayla Henzel ’20

Emily Kellogg ‘20

Claire Lunetta ‘20

Anne-Gail Moreland ‘20

Angel Ohome ‘20

Anna Stone ‘20

Elyse Tunkelrott ‘20

Catharine Dow ’21

Bridget Johnson ’21

Ava Karp ’21

Olivia Oswald ’21

Rebecca Reichel ’21

Lanie Richards ’21

Cheyenne Schafer ’21

Hanna Schoenbaum ’21

Skyler Shipman ’21

Hannah Summerfield ’21

Hailey Verelst ’21

Kenna Wladis ’21

Social Members: 

Ellie Viggiani ’20

Alexis Helgeson ’20