Thank you so much for looking through Mount Holyoke College, Rugby Football Club’s website! As a club team,we often do not receive enough funds to completely cover the cost of our equipment, uniforms, or events in which we want to compete in. Any donations received go directly towards the costs of registration, new uniforms, equipment, transportation, or unexpected costs that come up during the semester. With your help, we hope to buy the necessary equipment and gear in order for us to become a more competitive club. Donations of any size or shape are greatly appreciated. In addition to accepting check donations, we also accept equipment donations (see our Equipment Collection tab).

To donate, please write a check payable to the “Mount Holyoke College, Rugby Football Club” and mail it to our President, Erin Murdock at

Erin Murdock

2542 Blanchard Campus Center

50 College Street

South Hadley, MA, 01075

If you have any questions, please email Erin Murdock at

Thank you for donations any shape or size!

Recent Donation News:

Mount Holyoke Rugby Club is honored to thank Mr. Doug Keller for his kind and generous donation!


2 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Luisa Mirarchi

    Hi! Is there a Venmo or PayPal account set up so that I can donate online (and not have to write a check)? Please advise. Thanks!



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