“Because I’ll try new things…
And you’ll try new things…”

Clearly you’ve realized that rugby is the coolest thing to do at Mount Holyoke College. Whether you’re looking for a new way to get in shape or you want to play a competitive club sport, MHC Rugby wants you!

Our rookies bring a variety of skills and backgrounds to the club. Many participated in athletics in high school, while others have never played a sport before rugby. Either way, we will teach you everything you need to know about this beautiful, crazy game we play. To get a better idea of what will be expected of you as a playing member no matter what year you are, check out the player contract below!

Below is a collection of sites (they all open in a new window) for you to explore from the comfort of your own computer. Any questions? Feel free to contact any of the officers listed on the board page and we’d be more than happy to talk to you about rugby and the MHCRFC experience. Enjoy!

Rookie Primer (from Radcliffe)

For your reading pleasure, the lovely ruggers at Radcliffe have posted their rookie primer, a short and amusing read regarding the basics of rugby. Written for the novice, enjoyed by all.

Rugby Position Guide

Even though this site makes the henious error of referring to all the players on the field as “men,” this site provides an excellent interactive guide to the positions of Rugby Union (which is the version that we play).

Rugby 101 Video

An awesome Youtube movie for the visual learner!

Why Play Rugby?

An excellent essay from an MIT player

What if I am a five college student and my school doesn’t offer rugby? 

Individuals attending an affiliated five-college institution may be members of the club, providing that no rugby club exists at their home institution. They are privy to all privileges of MHC members, with the sole exception of holding office.


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