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What is Rugby?
Rugby has a very interesting and unique history. It has elements of many different sports, including football, soccer, ultimate frisbee- but it is tougher and infinitely more awesome. For details about the rules of the game, its history, and how it is played, check out the Rookie Primer.

Mount Holyoke Rugby is a club team sport that carries both an A-side and B-side. The club has a long standing history at Mount Holyoke and very high levels of participation. Anyone is welcome to join and no previous athletic experience is necessary. Most of our players had never played rugby before they came to Mount Holyoke. Although we are a club sport, the amount of time we practice and the level of commitment of the players is comparable to that of any varsity sport you will find at Mount Holyoke. We have a head coach. Our colors are blue and white.

Practices are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Games are on Saturdays. There are team dinners after practice. (Practices are TBD for the Winter Pre-Season.)

Our practices and home games are located on the rugby pitch behind Kendall.

People have a lot of different answers to this. But above all, we love the game and each other.


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